Romeo and Juliette's Unlimited
One of the N.C. finest collaboration of wedding photography and floral design business. The "Romeo & Juliette's Unlimited" team is dedicated to making your special day one to remember. They blend their double expertise, special uniqueness, and signature personal touch, to make your event a “once-in –a –lifetime affair”.

The Beginning of Something Big!
Our Love Story

Romeo (aka) LaMont Blackmon and Juliette were magically reunited after losing contact with each other for some 20 years. Each thought the other had left the state of NC, then one day, as fate would have it, LaMont was fortunate to run into Vada, Juliette’s sister. They both were coming out of a local eatery. At the time LaMont did not inquire about Juliette because he assumed as mentioned she had left NC. Little did LaMont realize that exchanging numbers with Valda would be the channel in which he would be reuniting with his first love, Juliette. In fact, it was a hidden agenda of sorts formulated by Valda.

A few phone calls later; the two finally met each other after 20 years apart. They found themselves comfortable with each other which made it easy for them to pick-up exactly where they had left off 20 years ago. To say the least, they had a wonderful whirlwind courtship which lead to a wedding engagement and soon after the couple was on their merry way of planning the biggest day of their lives- their wedding! Love was once again in the air.

Romeo found out that his bride, Juliette was a florist and had been one for over 15 years. Juliette found out that Romeo (aka) LaMont was a photographer and had been doing photography for a number of years in the NC area, and on occasion does some floral arrangements for special clients. The two came together and out of their unique history and personal experiences, Romeo & Juliette's Unlimited was born. The rest as they say is history.

Romeo and Juliette - Today
The focus is on weddings and events and Romeo, aka "Lamont" brings a journalist story -telling style to each event, one where a sense of William Shakespeare Love and Romance fill the air, a sense of wonderment, excitement, sensuality, anticipation, one in which we might add humorously, from the pages of their own book!.

Romeo & Juliette's Unlimited utilizes a team of professional photographers and creative floral designers on various collaborations. This allows the servicing of all clients regardless of size of the event. Together Romeo and Juliette bring a unique flare to every wedding with an emphasis on quality, service, attention to detail, and adding their own personal signature touch ensuring your day is forever one to remember.

Romeo and Juliette echoes strongly their purpose “We stride to capture a moment in time where for one day you are that Cinderella and Prince charming or as they like to say Romeo & Juliette”.

So, when you find your own special Romeo or Juliette and your extraordinary day approaches call some one who has the expertise and experience, someone who’s been there and will be there for you. Call** Romeo & Juliette's Unlimited **